A summary of the SIG


A Special Interest Group at CHI 2016

This one-day SIG will be on held on Tuesday 14.30-15.50 (Room 112) as part of the CHI 2016 conference. The conference will be held in San Jose, USA, between 7 and 12 May 2016.

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People’s perceptions of their own body’s appearance, capabilities and position are constantly updated through sensory cues that are naturally produced by their actions. Increasingly cheap and ubiquitous sensing technology is being used with multisensory feedback in multiple HCI areas of sports, health, rehabilitation, psychology, neuroscience, arts and games to alter or enhance sensory cues to achieve many ends such as enhanced body perception and body awareness. However, the focus and aims differ between areas. Designing more effective and efficient multisensory feedback requires an attempt to bridge the gap between these worlds. This interactive SIG with minute madness technology presentations, expert sessions, and multidisciplinary discussions will: (i) bring together HCI researchers from different areas, (ii) discuss tools, methods and frameworks, and (iii) form a multidisciplinary community to build synergies for further collaboration.